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il mondo on a Saturday morning

I am listening to old music all morning
Jimmy Fontana´s “Il Mondo”
It´s quite an emotional morning
with an apocalyptic touch to it
as people were singing together in Milan on their balconies, which was beautiful
and which kinda went viral
how ironic to call it that way
you see a lot of those videos these days

I think about how I want to live in Italy after the virus is gone
When I was a teenager, I always told my parents to buy them a house over there
because they are italophile
And I am too, kind of
I will never forget how we went to Rome and it was hot, but I still wanted to wear that jacket they bought me, because i thought it was cool
and when we went back home the flight was delayed and I could sleep longer the next day although I had to go to school
and the guy next to me on the plane was talking on his phone and was ordering red wine all the time and I didn´t know either of these two things were possible on a plane
and I was amazed to see the coliseum in real-life
and I´ve been back to Italy since then for almost every year

There are just a few better feelings than living in Florence, going to a bar, and receiving a fresh espresso without the need of saying a word, though I know how to order café of course
it´s easy
un café
and there you go
lay one euro on the counter

I never quite understood economics
but still think I´ll buy them this house
drink the coffee there
An old villa somewhere in the countryside
near to the ocean
but also with a classy pool made out of stone
filled with green water
enjoying some aperol spritz
shining in a mild orange

in the garden we have breakfast altogether with the whole, huge family
grandchildren, children, parents, grandparents
every sunday
playing and running in the sun
grown-ups talking about their jobs and books
with their children wondering why they are making such a big deal out of it, when they could just play around
because they can do everything they want as they are grown-ups
eat as much ice-cream as they want

Somehow I still am a constant believer of my future richdom
But for now I am raiding youtube for some rock´n´roll
wondering what future cultures might be looking like

21.4.20 – „isolation-art“

I wonder if there will be a new genre
called isolation-art by (so-called) artists
dealing with their struggles during corona
1 million people covering John Lennon´s Isolation (which is a great song actually)
and toilet paper jokes have never been funnier ha ha ha
I am tired of seeing your interiors full of ikea shelfs
presenting books you didn´t read

24.4.20 – „revolver“

relistening to revolver which I used to think was overrated
but now I think it is great after listening to I´m only sleeping
Here, There And Everywhere also is a really good song
I´m planning to rank the songs but it will take some time
overall the album is a bit chaotic though rather feels like a compilation of good songs

27.4.20 – „theatre play“

theatre play on zoom
actors who never met each other
people applauding into their microphones

2.5.20 – „listening to revolver“

I want a place for my own
where I can dance with you to revolver in the morning
smoking cigarettes in the garden, having coffee
everything is green
no one comes near
except when we want them to

4.5.2020 – „Monday“

I still hate Mondays
No crises can change that

7.5.20 – „dog“

This is probably the best time to have a dog ever

8.5.20 – „chess“

playing chess online against the computer sucks because he knows every possible move

9.5.20 – „modern middle ages“

Found proof on the internet
that we live in the modern equivalent
of the middle ages

12.5.20 – „never been good at making decisions“

11:30h Revolver is the best Album of all time.
12:00h Abbey Road is the best Album of all time.

13.5.20 „pavement allusion“

I could cough on a stranger

15.5.20 -“still enthusiastic for revolver“

my enthusiasm for revolver is unbroken

16.5.20 – „finally ranked revolver“

  1. I´m only sleeping
  2. here, there and everywhere
  3. she said, she said
  4. bird can sing
  5. no one
  6. into my life
  7. good day
  8. love u to
  9. taxman
  10. eleanor rigby
  11. doctor robert
  12. i want to tell u
  13. tomorrow never knows

17.5.20 – „re-ranked revolver based on a different mood“

  1. and your bird can sing (guitar)
  2. For no one
  3. taxman
  4. she said, she said
  5. here, there and everywhere
  6. I´m only sleeping
  7. into my life
  8. love u to
  9. eleanor rigby
  10. good day
  11. doctor robert
  12. tomorrow never knows
  13. i want to tell u


Every Oasis-solo seems to be a recreation of the solo in „Let it Be“

21.5.20 – „climate change“

The weather was great advertisement for climate change today

22.5.20 – „rain“

rain (just a bit)

23.5.20 – „Nordpark“

(Now hooked to The Beach Boys` „Surfer Girl“)

One thing I like to do in order to keep myself busy right now except for getting angry for no real reason other than missing my friends or my old day-to-day-life and because of all the shit I have to do but don´t really want to do but have to do in order to have the feeling of some security later on in my life is going for immensely long walks
this part of Düsseldorf seems great for it
starting at the Nordpark, having a weird-ass, ambivalent but interesting history being the greenest right now
it will turn yellow soon
in fact it is turning slightly yellow already, which makes me feel like living in another warmer place than I used to when I grew up
I remember summers, in which it wouldn´t stop raining
but now there is a whole new mediterranean feel to german summers, which
might be nice
as long as you live in a good place like a windy street in Oberkassel or whatever, where you can escape the heat and live the mediterranean lifestyle and stuff
nothing better than the smell of bread and olive-oil in the evening coming from the fancy restaurant on my way to football practice during summers
I miss that a lot
but I´m hopeful
Other than Nordpark you can walk greatly alongside the river rhine
I love when there is a bit of a breeze and cooling wind


Are „artists“ without fancy instagram even to be considered artists?
90 percent of being a successful „artist“ is to perform
After our online-class-meeting I wonder how often it might be possible to use the word „like“ in just one sentence
probably the performative character of debates and discourse in our society, that sociologist criticize for decades, for about one-hundred years (more or less) is finding its climax in the art world, if not in talk shows and politics, which are a lot alike