Laboratory for new working models in art and exhibition practice
The INTER- initiative, founded in 2019, explores new working models in the exhibition practice and always operates under the specific concept of collaboration. It creates space for the fusion of theoretical, scientific and cross-media positions in an ensemble-like, collaborative practice. The focus lies on an interdisciplinary exchange and an exploration of new forms of collaboration in the art world. The name INTER– denotes the conceptual orientation of the project, which moves between disciplines, between science and art and between different locations.

The rhizome stands for the network’s mode of operation since a flexible group of changing protagonists realizes projects in different constellations. Like the system of the rhizome, the network is characterized by multiplicity and the linkage of different disciplines, places, focuses and perspectives.
In the philosophical approach of Deleuze and Guattari, the rhizome serves as an epistemological category, which is distinct from the earlier thinking of the root system. While the root always leads to the tree and thus to unity, the system of the rhizome is based on multiplicity. In the system of the rhizome hierarchies and endpoints become obsolete, endless lines and strands remain.

Participants (past and present):
Oliver Arendt
Silke Berg
Manuel Cornelius
Neele Marie Denker
Anne Diestelkamp
Rike Dröscher
Friederike Haug
Ae Ran Kim
LYCS Kollektiv
Tammo Lünemann
Philipp Christoph Mayer
Maryna Makarenko
Sabrina Podemski
Schrei auf e.V.
Paulina Seyfried
Franziska Schneeberger
Julian Westermann