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Parallel is a multimedia installation that displays the same scenario in different times and spaces. It is about a space between science and fiction that can be fulfilled by the spectator. It is a space, not just physical, where everyday life objects (chopsticks), alienated objects (silicons molds), organic (agar-agar gelatin) and non-organic (scale), living (yeast) and non-living (plastic medical instruments) matter join to create a fiction.

Parallel is inspired by the metabolic process of fermentation, also known as anaerobic respiration and matter-ontology. Maria Capello combines research on an intellectual and material level to create an installation or communication room that takes place in different times and spaces.

Parallel works in collaboration with other forms of life. The work was created for the yeast and human visitors and other living forms, like the flies it attracts with the odor. The media installation offers a space where non-human agents perform.

Fotos: © Maria Capello

Maria Capello is a creator and artistic-researcher currently studying Visual Communication at Universität der Künste Berlin. The artist works at the intersection of science, art, and design. Starting from her immediate surroundings, Maria Capello’s interdisciplinary work unfolds philosophical questions of relationality.