Nails Projectroom Düsseldorf

4 – 26. Juli 2020

“Language, regardless of its direct integration into the work, is and remains an essential tool in the system of art. [Language] makes it possible at all that we can share with others what affects us again and again when we look at art." –– Katrin Ströbel

In July 2020 the second exhibition of the INTER- initiative will open at Nails Projectroom in Düsseldorf. INSIDE explores the intersection of the visual arts, language and literature. In doing so, the exhibition starts from the space that is shielded from the outside by a curtain. What at first appears to be hermetic becomes the subject of an intermedial encounter inside. Be it in the form of video and sound works, embroidery or a reading of which only relics remain––language plays a decisive role here: it becomes a mediator between the inside and the outside. Thereby the boundaries between space, image and language are blurred, leaving familiar language systems, transformation and translation processes to be questioned.

Ever since the iconic turn, the image seems to prevail over the word. So what role does the word play for artists? What happens when language itself is used as material for works of art? Where does the border between language as communication and language as a visual medium lie? And to what extent can art be understood as a universal language?
The reception of art constantly reminds us of the subjectivity of human perception. Similar to the formulation of thoughts, artistic work can also be understood as a transformation process from the inside to the outside. In particular an artistic practice that uses language and word as its material is confronted with the challenges of translating inner language fragments into images or imagery into words, which inevitably leads to the creation of empty spaces. At the same time, works of art communicate with the viewer, filling gaps created by imagination and memory; the written or spoken word is complemented by an additional visual level through the imagination of the recipient. Individual reception thus undermines the rhetorical determination of interpretations and raises the question of the extent to which a predefined art historical reading becomes obsolete.
In an open, dualistic dialogue with the exhibition OUTSIDE (bis 12. Juli, Waldhausener Straße 2–6, 41061 Mönchengladbach), INSIDE outlines ideas of individual perception and interpretational sovereignty.

Oliver Arendt | Silke Berg | Svetlana Chernyshova | Manuel Cornelius | Anne Diestelkamp | Lillyan Francis | Friederike Haug | Ae Ran Kim | Tammo Lünemann | LYCS Kollektiv (Rike Dröscher I Sabrina Podemski) in collaboration with DOBSTROH | Paulina Seyfried | Julian Westermann

Funded by Ministerium für Kultur und Wirtschaft des Landes NRW (Regionale Kulturpolitik Niederrhein) and Kulturamt Düsseldorf.

INSIDE is part of Rheinischer Kultursommer 2020.